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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cum One, Cum All – To The TGirl That Has It All!

You’re out exploring all the sins and cravings when you see me.  Your mind is so focused on what you desire that it is burned into your mind and pushing out all other thoughts.  You need sex. You need it intensely, and you have special sex acts you want to perform. But you want it from and with just the right person.  Your oral fixation is going crazy.   You need lips to kiss, breasts to suck, and you want and need to bring on some orgasms!   That’s when you see me and know that you get to fulfill your desires on me.  Yes, I have what you need and what you are built to enjoy and serve.   You give up fighting it when you see me, all you care to do is let your animal desires loose and maybe experiment.   It’s your time to find a good sex addict, a hot girl better than any time you could have with a true Whore.  You know I’m the one that can make you cum back for more, if you just do it with me this one time.  You’ll be addicted. And add-dicked-ted! 

Nothing is more intoxicating and sensual than the female form … or so I thought.  For my life I felt sexually adventurous, and drawn to pleasing women to get closer to that perfection.   Their fuller lips were so sexy to kiss, their breasts a suckable heaven, and if I was a skilled good boy, she would open her Pearly Gates and I would cum inside.   (Though there were no harp players, it was angelic bliss all around, tee hee.) 

But then my mind began to evolve and develop clearer ideas on what I desired, and who I was identifying with.   The squeaky clean life of youth was succumbing to the more exciting pleasures of the decadent worlds, where nothing is off limits.   And so naturally I was drawn to dominant women, women of beauty that I was in awe of, that had special ways of opening my mind to a more rewarding world.  Where my existence would be ultra-sexual. Where I could have anything I desired.   As long as I used my body and mind to reward those that helped me evolve. 

So now I have transformed into a gorgeous, hyper-sexual TGirl! Yes, my new Second Life is serving you as the most intense sexual experience you could hope for!   Imagine my beauty transformed into a hot Tranny Femme Doll!   My blue eyes peer out from my sexy blonde hair cut.  My tan body shows off my full breasts, and sensitive nipples that I know you would love to suck on. And while your mouth is sucking and your hands moving where I want them too, you’ll find me that extta surprise that you crave.  Yes, a rock hard 8 inches of cut cock ready to explode for your sucking pleasure.  

For the past year I opened my mind to so many forbidden pleasures bought to me by one of the most stunning, wise, and luckily manipulative women in the world.   She realized that I had far more sexual potential and also far more value to her if she used her powers to transform me into something/someone everyone desires.   Someone giving what I desire and getting what I desire in a much higher dose than I previously thought was humanly possible.  After all, I was limiting myself to the old world I knew before. And entering my Second Life, I realized that what I truly wanted was to let her design a new face and persona for me that enjoys sex on her level.  

So there I was, popular and sophisticated, yet unfulfilled until Second Life opened my mind to what I truly was destined to do for her and for myself, and for you my dear sexual animals.  She knew that I had a fixation with female beauty, and particularly had a strong oral fixation for breasts.  Oh and yes, for having my cock sucked. I would love looking down on sexy girls opening their mouths and doing what comes naturally. And naturally I cum.    Yet my mind was gradually being opened, and modified in its objectives to pleasure and what sex is all about.  There had to be something more!  

In a series of experiences, with this ultimate female form next to me, I realized that I wanted it all.  I wanted to not only pay tribute to all the glory a perfect female deserves, lavishing her with gifts, giving endless oral sex to her, making her orgasm – I was destined to receive this, too.  I began dreaming about this.   The dreams were somehow vague but clear at the same time.  In the dreams I was doing things I never did before, and was cheered on for doing it.   At times I felt like a woman getting cock from a man, sucking it, and other times I felt like I was being sucked but then was growing breasts.   Through a series of Experiments, my Goddess, this perfect female, this ultra wise woman that every desires to be or be close to and serve, got my mind into crossing the sexual line.  That’s right, either through dress up or role play or opening my mind, entering my dreams, luring me with images and stories, she showed me that my body could be so much more. It could be giving so much more pleasure, and receiving so much more sex time and … well .. it could let loose the sexual animal in me.   An animal that she had been nurturing.  My fixation with hard cocks, and sucking them, was growing with her, as this is something she loves to see men and women surrender into to doing.  This sucking performance got to be an obsession with me.  From both her viewpoints and mine.   Dressing up like a woman started to take over my life and fantasies to the point that at night I would wake up and want to be this doll, yet also want to service a lovely doll like me. 

So I began dressing up like a doll, in sexy clothes.   Fulfilling a new persona for myself and at her command.  Now this was not the only goal.  I also wanted to feel all the pleasure a woman feels, yet give all the pleasure a man feels. 

One day, while talking with her, my mind finally snapped from its old foundation and I saw the perfection, the purpose, and the deeply sexual new me she was transforming me into, mentally.    It was gorgeous, powerful, hungry for sex and freedom to do all it can for sex, women, men, and her.  I had been moving toward this for so long that I could not see the way back even if I wanted to stop thinking of this – of turning into a gorgeous, sexy TGirl with big breasts and a big juicy cock to suck.  I tried to fight it, but for some reason, the more I did, the more her stories and presence would be able to increase my need to transform, and my need to have others suck my tits and for me to suck their cocks like a good Princess. 

Yet the actual path was not clear to me, I had to trust that she knew the best way to get to my ultimate destination.   Day after day my mind moved away from the old me, that had memories I loved to visit, fantasies lived out that most men would die to experience.  And my mind was becoming obsessed with needing to become that glimpse of sexually free Tgirl.    All my inhibitions were dissolving.   For after all, I will be obeying and following the life or a hypersexual, easy to unleash TGirl.  I already had a high sex drive, and I could feel it doubling as I seemed to be adapting a second mind, a mind devoted only to sex. 

Finally I was ready.  I don’t remember much of the exact days because I was on such a sexual high that my mind sort of took a holiday to make room for all the sex pleasure and energy this was releasing.  I was high on it, and loved this new ME that was being created to take over once I made the final moves and performed what I had to do to totally transform into who I truly wanted to be for so long.  I had had the thoughts of this in my mind for over a year, and did not realize that this was the new and true me!  This is what I wanted all along, not my old life. And in fact I am forgetting my old life more and more due to the pleasure and sex I am having.

And YOU are the reason I am writing this.   Yes, all you highly sexual men, ready to explore a new world of pleasure.  You other Tgirls with your hard cocks.  I’m here to take your cum, to please you, to transform you and give you the freedom you need.   Your mouth wants to perform. You know what to do.  First time?  That is my speciality, for after one time, it’s my duty to make sure you are an instant addict, unable to stay away from cock. Imagine the pleasure of sucking on one of my full perfect nipples, eyes closed, sucking it good, baby, making me moan.   Then you feel something soft yet firm entering your mouth and pulsing.   So easy to move from my nipple to my hard cock.  You know you won’t be able to resist it once you start your oral service. In fact, you entered this world of mine to find me, don’t deny it, you wanted this to be where you can do all you crave, to act out all that is found a way into your mind and grown until it cannot be ignored.  I’m a total pleasure doll.   You’ll be a pro, a total pleasure toy for me, and I am your own new source of pleasure.   Start off indulging and seducing what you know, but then I take over and you cannot stop yourself. In fact when you try to stop or back away, the addiction and craving hits you even stronger.  Every time you fight it, you only want me more!   I am everything to you.  I am the total sexual experience that has been in your mind since you were in your teens and your mind was not yet fully formed in a sexual way.   It was natural for you to want to suck nipples as a baby and not it is natural for you to suck cocks as an adult.  You want it thrusting down your throat and cumming. And I plan to cum big for you, lots of sweet cum, to make you that instant addict, at the mercy of the Second Life you willingly accepted as a better life for you. 

Yes I know how you feel, it is so odd that it seems to turn your mind into a fog. But look at me, and see how I transformed into a Femme Boi to a fantasy come true.  This will be your new life, serving me and the Goddess that helped create me.  I love being your Whore, though I am a much more clean and sophisticated way for you to gulp down all the cum you crave.  I’ve seen your type before, the First Timer, afraid how much you will like it.  Your mind is blank except the need to suck your first cock.  You have studied the videos and pictures so well that your programmed mind takes over.   I watch you do down as your Experiment takes over, and suddenly you are not the old self, you are your Second Life that you came here so long ago to become.  I am the experience that will transform you.  Just seeing me is enough to fill your dreams with fantasies of sucking my luscious tits then moving to my cock.  As the cum builds you get so much pleasure knowing you are obeying the mind that has taken over, serving the one that you are now going to serve day after day, forever. And you want this. You want this freedom.  You need my cock and cum.  You need to be with a gorgeous hypersexual Tranny Femme Doll.   I love watching you go down the first time, because once that cum load explodes in your mouth, the old you is gone. You don’t want it any more.  You’re mind and mouth are mine!  You will come back again and again, to the transforming that is perfection. The new you will have all the control.   And when you suck and come up for air, I don’t see the one too afraid to explore and obey, I see a new you, a new face to take over the old face.  By the time you suck my cock five or six times, you won’t remember or want to remember or return to your old self.  There’s only about 3 inches between the head of my cock and my nipples.    Go on, just do it, you know you won’t be able to resist, you know it is natural for you now that you experimented so much.   You asked for this, in coming to Second Life, and now you’re getting it far more than you imagined, and you love it. You love who enables this to change you and take over. 

Now that you’ve seen me, now that you’ve seen my full breasts, sensitive nipples, and big hard cock, you wont’ be able to stay away.   I will haunt you until images of me take over your every hour and night.  I will wake you up and torment you with the need to come back to me and show me your talents to make a hot Tranny girl like me cum in that mouth of yours.  Your whole idea of what that mouth is for is now mine to trigger and control. And I won’t  go easy on you.  You’ll have so much cock that you’ll lose your way back.  Now that you’ve seen me and know what I offer, I’ll take over in your mind every chance I get. I transformed into this for a reason – to find a new sexual high and lose my inhibitions, and I need a mouth like yours sucking and giving me my satisfaction.  And you’ll love rewarding me for this. Soon after enough cock sucking, you’ll want to give over all you have for me just to get at more cock and cum.  It’s all right. You know this is coming, and you know I am cumming, in your mouth!   Open up, cumslut.  I’m the best of both worlds. The tits you always craved your whole life will take second place in Second Life to cock.   You’ll give in to me as surely as I gave in to the wisdom of the Goddess that opened my mind and made the transforming possible, and for that, I want her to have everything. And she’s going to take it, just like you take my cock down your mouth .  And my tits in your lips. And any time you try to fight it, the urge is stronger and you get on this train of pleasure – I won’t let you off until you keep stopping at every stop to suck and please me, and reward me.  Oh yes, your mind is obsessed now!   And I’m just beginning the second stage of luring you into my world and finishing what you started and what I started. 

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